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MSW., LCSW-C. & Author
serving individuals, couples, families & groups

I aim to grow your knowledge, power, and resolve against the problems you experience. We examine things like patterns

of thinking and behavior, and how they affect your interaction with the world around you.  

We focus on specific problems, 

and work together on learning

techniques tailored to those unique needs. Healthier coping

methods or avoiding problem areas can help with addiction or stress management.

Considered an expert on adoption & loss and bereavement groups, I have presented at state and national genealogy associations, and train mental health professionals in state and county social services.

I offer expert consultation services to birth or first

parents; adoptive parents; grandparents; and adopted 

persons who have concerns

about how adoption

touched them. 

The Adoption Mystique 

exposes, documents and confronts the effects of negative social stigma on adoption institutions, practices, adopted persons, as well as adoptive and birthparents. 

A Social WorkER'S

The profession of social work

places high value on our assessing & understanding

all of the ways

society impacts

For how better is it to


diagnose  &  treat

a human problem then to

utilize a fully inclusive, 

psycho-social model of evaluation?

everything matters.

every individual.


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Equipped with:


of experience

in community 

mental health

private practice



clinical social worker


master's degree

in social work


serving individuals, couples, families and groups



choose your

Treatment approach

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Therapies Offered


codependency, couples communication, divorce, family dysfunction, marital & premarital, peer relationships, parenting


Aging spouses, aging parents, care-taker fatigue, self-esteem


sadness, loss, grief, helplessness, families surviving suicide, handling intense emotions


social anxiety, stress management, coping skills, insomnia, negative thoughts, fear, phobias, letting go, self-control


Self-esteem, bullying, assertiveness, body image, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, gender identity support

Women specific

abuse, trauma, infertility, separation, professional and career issues, self-esteem, 


Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Grief, Loss, post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


Families of origin, families who adopt, isolation, DNA testing,

step families


schooling, college and undergraduate issues, self-esteem, abusive, motivation, transitions, fear 


attention deficit disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mood disorders


loss of loved ones, medical and health concern, location transitions, social aniexty, separation


suicidal thoughts, families surviving suicide, intense emotions, trauma, loss, mood disorders

What are the costs?

sessions range from $110-$140 through check, cash, or PayPal 

Are you available by phone or video?

During COVID-19, I am available for remote options depending on your location

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The Adoption Mystique:

A Hard-hitting Exposé of the Powerful Negative Social Stigma that Permeates Child Adoption in the United States

Clouds in Sky

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a free 15-30 minute consultation to see if

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